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Memorial Day

--by Violet Arcand 5/26/17

This coming Monday is once again Memorial Day which is the celebration of those who served in our country's armed  forces. This holiday originally started in 1868 after the American civil war, people would go around and decorate the gravestones of those who served and died in war. Later on in the 20th century this tradition by the Union was made into a holiday that also honored all who served in the military in America. This year will be the 149 year that we've been celebrating this holiday. Make sure this coming Monday you give appreciation and remember those who are or have served in the military.

Most Americans celebrate Memorial Day by having a parade and having a celebration with family and friends . This year the Lions club will join the EES school band marching in the parade on Tuesday May 30.They will then gather in the park in enosburg to observe of  moment of silence for those who have served and who are still serving .