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Boogie Bombs In Tilted Towers?

By Marie Jackson

Have you noticed your classmates being distracted lately? Have you heard them talking about kills, skills, and tiers? If yes, then you are experiencing the Fortnite craze. Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game, that was released on July 25, 2017. It can be played on iOS, PC/Mac, Playstation, and Xbox.  In the first two weeks of Fortnite’s launch, there was over 10 million players.  It was developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, and published by Epic Games. Fortnite is a zombie survival game where players can either play in squads, duos, or play solo to try and be the last person or group standing. The game begins with the players parachuting onto an island as storm clouds gather. Only armed with a pickaxe, players round up weapons and supplies to build bases, and run to stay out of a deadly storm that shrinks.

    In the survey I conducted 69.6% of the 46 responses said they do play Fortnite. For the people who do play, the amount of time they spent playing the game per week was more scattered. The highest percentage was under an hour which was 35.1 percent. The least percentage was tied for 10 to 20 hours, and 30 hours or more at 16.2%. The highest percentage for the amount of wins overall was 5 or under, at 52.8%. The lowest percentage was for 30 to 40 wins at 5.6%. Even though that was the lowest percentage, the second highest percentage was for 50 wins or more, at 19.4%.

From the survey, emotions that people feel while playing the game were all over the place. People seem to have mixed emotions while playing the game from happy, to sad, to mad, to high anxiety levels, which leads into why people seem to like it.  EFHS students said things such as: “Happy when I win and am having fun mad and pissed off when I lose”. People seem to like it because they can play it with their friends. A majority of the responses said, “I only like it when with friends. Otherwise it is lame to be honest”. A lot of people said that they only like to play with friends, in squads, or duos. People also like it because of the adrenalin rush it gives, the challenge, and the survival aspect of it. A responder said, “Because it’s something new and challenging”. On the other hand some people said that those are the exact reasons why they don’t like it. Some people also said that they don’t like it because of the graphics, and because people won’t stop talking about it.



EFHS Snowboarders Finish Season With Strong Performance

By Karson Fortin

Despite not placing first, the Enosburg Falls High School snowboard team ended up placing fairly well during the state championship at Okemo Mountain Resort On March 17th. With placing in second for Giant Slalom, third for slope style, and fifth for half-pipe. The team agreed that while half-pipe is usually their best event, they didn’t do as well as they had hoped for their run to a championship.

However, in an exclusive interview with Nick Blaney, who was a powerhouse the for the team, landing two gold medals, one silver and one bronze at states.Nick acknowledged his teammates by saying, “It wasn’t just me who got us there. Even tho I did score the highest and get most of our points in competitions, a lot of other people on the team carried us there. For example, Travis [Bartholomew] one of our better slopestyle snowboarders on the team didn’t  place under the 10 spot all year, and same with Brandon [Ryea] for Giant Slalom.”

In conclusion, the team itself was well formed around, having great chemistry which then resulted in a great season.


  • Travis Bartholomew
  • Nick Blaney
  • Josh Ryea
  • Brandon Ryea
  • Aleem Leach-Peele
  • Sawyer Gratton
  • Chris Mansfield
  • Brendon Deuso
  • Dawson Wright
  • Hunter Choiniere
  • Jonas Walker-Cook
  • Ethan Metivier


  • C.J Caforia