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Eighth Grade Course Registration Tuesday, 2/13/18, 6:30 PM.


Need Credit Recovery?

--by Genesis Jones 6/12/17

Enosburg Falls High School wants everyone to succeed and stay on track to graduate. EFHS will be offering free credit recovery options this summer. They will be offering Humanities, Modern World Lit (10th grade English), American Lit (11th grade English), British Lit (12th grade English), Humanities History, Reading, Modern World History, US History, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and other math courses.

For students to be eligible for summer school, they have to have a 55% or better average for the entire year. Student or the family is responsible for transportation. By taking a summer class students are required to abide by EFHS policies and attend and actively participate in all scheduled classes.

The school encourages students to take advantage of the program if needed. If parents or guardians have questions they can ask their child's school counselor.

JV Softball:  Rebuilding for the Future

--by Kallie Holowaty 6/8/17

       This spring the jv softball team was coached by Michelle Wilcox and Shawna Lovelette. Although it was a rough and short spring to play softball in, they still had a good season. This year has been one of the most successful teams in three years because everyone finished the season. Even though they had a rough start, they still completed the season with a 12-3 record.  

When there was still snow outside they had to practice inside the gym but they made it work. At the beginning of the season we weren't working as a whole team; there were definitely cliques. By the end of the season we were working as one.

       The team definitely had its ups and downs, but the players just had to keep a  clear mindset, and they cheer each other on.

Personally, this has been the best softball team I have been on. Our team was very encouraging to each other. We never let anyone get down, and we always helped each other out. We weren't just a team on the field, but we were a team in school.  We always stick together and stand up for each other.

New Gym Teachers

--by Calvin Carter 6/8/17

Enosburg Falls High School recently hired two new physical education teachers to replace Mr. Gagne and Mr. Luneau.

Kassandra Larson was hired to replace Mr. Gagne, who is leaving after 2 years, in the full time position and Nelson Murray was hired to replace Mr. Luneau, who is leaving after 5 years, in the part time position. They will both begin at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Kassandra Larson attended Utah Valley University and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education. She recently completed her Master’s degree from the University of Utah is sports pedagogy. She has spent the last 4 years as a PE Teacher and a PE Technician in the Nebo School district in Utah.

Nelson Murray attended Norwich University and received a bachelor’s degree in science with a major in physical education and a minor in health. He has spent the last 30 years teaching at Fairfax, at both Middle and High school levels. He has also coached at the middle school, high school, and college levels in a large variety of sports. We look forward to welcoming these two new teachers to our school!

Queer Prom and Youth Summit

--by Sam Susco 6/2/17

On May 20-21, the people of the LGBT community united at the eleventh annual Queer and Allied Youth Summit and Queer Prom, hosted at Harwood Union High School. At 9:15 Saturday morning people started flooding in, excited to start the day. As we walked in we saw some familiar faces but also many new ones.

People were of all different ages, sexualities, genders and races but they all had one thing in common; they were all excited, and some quite nervous. But as the day’s festivities went on they became family, laughing and joking but everyone supportive no matter what.

There were workshops for many different things from coming out, to supporting people who have different genders, and even a knitting workshop. Later there were affinity groups after lunch and a speak out, during which everyone got a chance to go up and speak their mind and say what they wanted to see change in the world and in our community.

Right before the prom there was an open mic. People went up and sang, read poetry, did stand up comedy, and there was even a skit. It was amazing to see people so bold. And after every act everyone clapped and applauded. It wasn't about how good or bad they were; it was about how brave they were to get up there. And it was about supporting them and their efforts.

After that everyone was in a rush to get ready for prom. There were so many festive outfits we couldn't believe our eyes: beautiful floor length dresses, amazing suits and even an amazing rainbow colored skin tight suit. Others went in shorts and a t-shirt. It was all about them being comfortable with who they are, being comfortable in the own skin. This is the goal of the queer prom and youth summit and the goal of outright Vermont. To learn more go to


The Science Behind Fidgeting

--by Genesis Jones  5/24/17

Ever heard of the fidget spinner? Their original purpose was to help focus the concentration of kids with Autism, ADHD, ADD, and anxiety. Many kids now use them for a way to fidget and some might even listen better with them and others might use them for how look as well as a form of entertainment. Teachers have good and bad things to say about them.  Some say that they have helped their students learn, while others have said that they are huge distractions and have banned them in their classroom.

So what is the real purpose behind fidgeting? Well, everyone fidgets, and it's something that helps some with concentration. Some people tap their feet, or some tap pencils, play with their clothes, their hair, or any small objects.  While some fidgeting can be distracting to others, whether it's because of the noise or the movement, giving someone something to fidget with can help make it so everyone can learn or even focus better. Fidgeting can open parts of someone’s brain that maybe otherwise they could be staring off into space or thinking of random things.

The brain needs something to focus on to sometimes focus in class better. The brain is a very complex part of human the body. It functions differently for everyone, causing people to fidget with different things or in different ways. Fidgeting is a common behavior that almost everyone has done and it's something many don't always realize when they are doing it.

This Is Your Brain On Music.

--by Genesis Jones 6/8/17

Look around you in school and notice how many students have earbuds in, listening to music.  How does music affect the brain? Music affects the brain in many positive ways. Music can help people get motivated, concentrate better, and change people’s moods.

Scientists who study the brain have even proven that music can be beneficial to the brain.   Listening to music gives the brain something like a workout. Music reduces stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. Not only that,  but it has also been proven to help with sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

What parts of the brain are affected by listening to music? Music travels up the auditory cortices on both sides of the brain, and when we hear it, it involves the memory and gets centered in the brain.  It involves the frontal tube and even the cerebellum. Music is mostly processed on the right side of the brain and that side is responsible for emotions, visual imagery, and facial recognition.

Some people believe that certain genres of music affect the brain negatively but in fact that is not true.  Music is like an escape for the person listening. Studies have found that in some people the genres Metal, Screamo, Punk, Heavy Metal, and Emo Punk actually helped calm angry listeners. This survey contradicted that those genres cause aggressive behavior. To conclude music has a very positive effect on children, teens, and adults.

Brownway Rides For Dairy Days!

--by Kayla Mertn 6/8/17

                 Brownway Nursing Home participated in the Vermont Dairy Festival Parade on June 3.  Brownway has been in the parade for many years. This year the float was decorated to look like a huge cow.  

Both the residents and workers from Brownway participated in the parade; the residents were on the float while most of the workers walked and handed out candy to people along the parade route.

This year Brownway won third place for their float. All the workers and residents were really thrilled that they won 3rd place this year; this made them so excited about next year’s float that they came up with having a flash mob next year. Now that they plan to have a flash mob, more residents and staff are wanting to go.



Enosburg Falls High School’s graduation will take place on Saturday June 17 at 11 am. Current school district superintendent and future head of the VPA [Vermont Principals Association] will be the keynote speaker. Congratulations of all the 2017 graduates of Enosburg Falls HIgh School!

by Sam Susco
      Do your friends have many “cat scratches” or “fall down” and have bruises or unexplained injuries all the time? If so then read on.
    Self harm is a growing epidemic in teenagers, including in our school. And while not always connected self harm can often be a warning sign for suicidal ideation. Self harm can be in many different forms. For example cutting, burning, bruising,  interfering with the healing process, pulling hair and many other forms.
     And some of the tell tale signs are, wearing long sleeved shirts and pants, even in hot weather,frequent “accidents," blood stains on clothing or sheets,and isolation from friends and family. And with the recent “blue whale challenge” it is becoming more popular and a “challenge”. If I you have questions go to https://www.nami.org/Learn-More/Mental-Health-Conditions/Related-Conditions/Self-harm