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Glossary of Terms



What it is...

What it is NOT...

Student-centered learning

Making instructional decisions based on the student needs.

  • Students learning only what they want.
  • Students only learning what is interesting to them.

Personalized learning

Making use of a variety of instructional methods in order to ensure that students learn the agreed upon knowledge and skills.

  • Students only getting instruction and practice from a computer.
  • Every student doing something different all the time.

Individualized learning

The ability of students to be able to master a common set of skills and knowledge at their own pace.

  • Every student working on something different.
  • The teacher creating separate lessons for each student.

Personal learning plan

A collaborative process where students learn about their strengths and interests and design their graduation path in line with this information and their future goals.

  • A document that gets completed.
  • Something students do on their own.

Proficiency based learning

Working to become proficient at a clearly defined set of learning goals with direct instruction from teachers.

  • Students only learning skills without learning content.

Flexible pathways

The ability to demonstrate skills and knowledge through methods other than traditional classes.

  • Students not taking traditional classes anymore.

The Common Core

A set of skills and knowledge that students are expected to know and be able to do in order to be prepared for the world of work and college.

  • A test
  • A program
  • A movement
  • A mandate