Enosburg Falls High School

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Grading and Reporting

Proficiency-based grading and reporting is more accurate and equitable than traditional grades. Proficiency-based reporting reflects student achievement on specific skills or knowledge.  While a traditional grade may include behaviors like homework completion, a proficiency-based grade measures specific skills and knowledge so it is much easier to identify strengths and address weaknesses. Behavioral skills that are needed for success in life, like problem solving and communication are also assessed but they are assessed and reported separately and are known as transferable skills.





Enosburg Falls High School will be using a platform called LiFT to report progress.

How will I know my student is making progress?



Available Anytime

LiFT: LiFT provides a real-time view into your student’s work and progress over the course of the year in each class. It also provides real-time information about where they stand in terms of graduation requirements. You will be able to login to a “read only” view of your student’s LiFT account at any time.


Advisors: Each student will be assigned an advisor that will work with them for four years. This advisor can be a point of contact for you throughout the year as a way to check in about progress.


Scheduled Events

Conferences: There will be an opportunity in November to meet with your student’s teachers at our annual conference and open house event. This will be a time when you can conference with each teacher individually to find out how your child is progressing.


Student-led conference: There will be a student led conference in March where you will meet with your student’s advisor and discuss the Personal Learning Plan process (PLP).


Exhibitions: Students will have learning exhibitions in November and again in the Spring. Learning exhibitions are an opportunity for students to showcase their work to an authentic audience.