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I am the Student Assistance Program (SAP) Counselor at Enosburg Falls Middle and High School. This will be my seventh year as a counselor at EFMHS. I greatly enjoy working here in Enosburg. I also live here with my husband and two young children. In my spare time I am mostly outside; camping, hiking, or being in nature.
What does a SAP Counselor do?
Individual support: I support students who are experiencing social and emotional challenges through mental health or substance use screenings and referral for treatment.
Group support: Support groups are essential for youth to gain skills and build relationships with one another. Groups meet depending on student need and change each year. Common topics include: cessation, anxiety, depression, children of addicted families, healthy living, and general mentoring groups. Find out what is being offered on the School Counseling main page.
Classroom teaching: Workshops on important topics are offered as the need arises for our student body. 
PEP Leadership Group: Peers Empowering Peers is a student-led adult-guided prevention group that teaches youth the power of friendship, support, and being informed on topics that teens face today. PEP focuses on teaching these lifelong skills while also offering teens substance-free activities in our rural area! Check out the Enosburg PEP Instagram, @enosburgPEP!
-Send an email: teegan.deuso@fnesu.org
-Schedule an appointment at https://teegandeuso.youcanbook.me/
-Stop by the office, room 107 in the School Counseling Department.
-Fill out a referral form (located on the SAP door, room 107 in the School Counseling Department) and drop in my mailbox in the teacher's room.
-Call the school and leave me a message on the confidential voicemail (933-7778, ask to leave a message for Teegan Deuso, or dial ext. 1014)
-Talk to an adult who you trust and ask them to speak with me about what's going on for you, or ask them to join you in meeting with me.
-Talk with a friend that you trust and ask them to accompany you to stop in.
If you are having any challenges or need someone to talk to, please book an appointment with me!


On Wednesday, November 8th, five EFHS and three EFMS students attended the OVX and VKAT Youth Summit.  OVX (Our Voices Xposed) and VKAT (Vermont Kids Against Tobacco) are student-led leadership groups that focus on educating the community about the dangers of tobacco use.  The Vermont Department of Health works with these students as well. 
This year, with the VDH, students are working to talk to the community about the following:
-Big tobacco companies target youth by advertising and selling flavored tobacco products.
-Big tobacco companies pay stores to place these colorful, fruity and sweet flavored products at eye level of young children.
-Big tobacco companies know that if they are able to get youth smoking, they are more likely to become addicted and could become a tobacco customer for life.
-Help us spread the word about these products so we can fight these big tobacco companies and stay healthy!