Enosburg Falls High School

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Welcome to the Student Assistance Program!

Teegan Deuso, M.Ed.
Student Assistance Program Counselor
Enosburg Falls Middle and High School
Phone: 802-933-7778 ext. 107 
The SAP offers a variety of support, programming, and education around the many challenges and successes that adolescents face today. If you are feeling stuck, not sure how to handle a situation, or need any help with anything please stop in and see me in the School Counseling Department, room 107. Your meeting is confidential (private). We will discuss what is going on and make a plan that you are comfortable with to address the issue. This plan could include things like:
-support around meeting with parents, teachers, administration, peers, or their school counselor
-referral to outside counseling
-joining a club or support group
-connecting with outside resources
-screening and referral to substance use clinicians (see below)
Once student is screened for a substance use disorder, the SAP must follow CFR 42 Part 2, which refers to confidentiality and substance use.   Written consent from the student is required before any information regarding the screening (and any action moving forward) is shared. 
Typically, the only time this confidentiality agreement can be broken is:
    -Duty to warn (threats of harm to others or property where humans may work or reside)
    -Duty to protect (threats of harm to self, child abuse or neglect)
    -Court order, valid and in writing from a judge.  
    -Medical emergencies
    -When reporting a crime

-Send an email: tdeuso@ehornets.org
-Schedule an appointment at https://teegandeuso.youcanbook.me/
-Stop by the office
-Fill out a referral form (located on the SAP door, room 107 in the School Counseling Department) and drop in my mailbox in the teacher's room
-Call the school and leave me a message on the confidential voicemail (933-7778, ask to leave a message for Teegan Deuso)
-Talk to an adult who you trust and ask them to speak with me about what's going on for you, or ask them to join you in meeting with me
-Talk with a friend that you trust and ask them to accompany you to stop in
Make a Difference
-PEP: Peers Educating Peers
Students in this group take on a variety of big issues students face (including but not limited to substance use, mental ill-health, stress management, bullying, harassment, and social media issues), addressing them through education, awareness events, kindness projects, peer counseling, and prevention campaigns. We commit to weekly meetings and quarterly goals.  Students in this program have the option to attend Franklin County Teen Institute, which is a week-long summer program where they can get in-depth leadership training in these and other topic areas. Students in OVX and BIONIC are now working within this larger group.
-New programs coming in the 2018-2019 school year!  Stay tuned!
Get Support
A restorative justice themed support group that addresses a variety of topics throughout the year. Themes include anxiety, depression, living with a family member who misuses substances, grief, LGBTQ support, and students who are at risk of dropping out of school.
-NOT: Not On Tobacco
A confidential research-based smoking cessation program that is offered in the winter and spring. Check here for upcoming dates!

Recent Posts

On Wednesday, November 8th, five EFHS and three EFMS students attended the OVX and VKAT Youth Summit.  OVX (Our Voices Xposed) and VKAT (Vermont Kids Against Tobacco) are student-led leadership groups that focus on educating the community about the dangers of tobacco use.  The Vermont Department of Health works with these students as well. 
This year, with the VDH, students are working to talk to the community about the following:
-Big tobacco companies target youth by advertising and selling flavored tobacco products.
-Big tobacco companies pay stores to place these colorful, fruity and sweet flavored products at eye level of young children.
-Big tobacco companies know that if they are able to get youth smoking, they are more likely to become addicted and could become a tobacco customer for life.
-Help us spread the word about these products so we can fight these big tobacco companies and stay healthy!