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Build transferable skills

Independent learning requires you to develop your Transferable Skills--those skills and traits that help you work independently and with others to achieve your goals.  
Successful online learners are able to demonstrate or develop these skills:
  • reaching out to your instructor with questions and problems
  • asking for help from a support person in school or from your parents
  • reading and responding to emails and comments from your instructor
  • participating in online discussions
    • Pitfall: worrying instead of approaching adults with questions, problems or mistakes
Time Management:
  • staying on pace with your assignments
  • using in-school time to work on assignments
  • keeping a calendar and paying attention to due dates
  • planning for missed time due to events, sports, clubs, etc. 
    • Pitfall: procrastinating and falling behind.  It's very hard to catch up in an online class.
Effort and Persistence:
  • setting a goal to succeed
  • making that goal more important than the usual distractions 
  • setting aside a block of time to focus on your course and sticking to it
  • submitting your best work
    • Pitfall: rushing through an assignment or submitting a poor draft
  • making a plan to accomplish the day's or week's goals
  • keeping track of finished and unfinished work (creating folders, etc.)
  • having materials and supplies on hand
    • Pitfall: being unprepared and not thinking ahead 
Self Awareness:
  • knowing your own learning style
  • creating a workspace that matches your learning style
  • using strategies to overcome unproductive habits
  • advocating for your success--seeking help, asking friends to support you instead of distract you. 
    • Pitfall: choosing online learning because you want an easy credit
Try these strategies... 
Communication Skills:

Tips for Writing Effective Emails (Links to an external site.)

An Editor's Guide To Writing Ridiculously Good Emails (Links to an external site.)


Time Management Ideas:

Making a Time Table for High School Students (Links to an external site.)


Effort and Persistence:

Habits of Mind

Teaching Persistence: How to Build Student Stamina (Links to an external site.)

Essential Online Learning Skills to Improve your Productivity (Links to an external site.)


Organizational Skills Tools (These link to external sites and apps):

Bullet Journal  Video describing simple way to keep organized

Remember The Milk  Reminder app

Google Tasks Task management tool

Google Keep Note-taking tool

ToDoist Task management app

Wunderlist Collaborative Task management app

Trello Collaborative Task management app


Self Awareness

Self-regulating Learning: Impact of Attention

Memory, Language, Spatial and Sequential Ordering

Higher Order Cognition, and Social Cognition (Links to an external site.)


Additional Resources/Supports:

Vermont's Digital Backpack: tools for personalized learning

Teaching Talk: Helping Students Who Procrastinate (video)

MindTools Toolkit with suggestions on a variety of subjects https://www.mindtools.com/

How Students Develop Online Learning Skills (College)  http://er.educause.edu/~/media/files/article-downloads/eqm07110.pdf (Links to an external site.)

BYU Study Skills Courses http://www.byui.edu/academic-support-centers/study-skills/study-skills-courses (Links to an external site.)