Proficiency-Based Learning (PBL)


In Vermont, graduation from high school is based on proven skills or "proficiencies" instead of grades. Proficiency-based education is teaching & measuring skills that students will need to be successful in the real world. This allows schools to focus on personalizing learning. Students at EFHS have much more flexibility in how they learn and master the proficiencies that they need to graduate. They still have the option of mastering proficiencies by taking classes, but they are also be able to learn independently through online classes, Dual Enrollment opportunities, and Extended Learning Opportunities.  The learning at EFHS is increasingly project-based and our goal is to make it as relevant for each individual student as we can.

Personalized Learning Plans

One piece of this new, personalized learning is the Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). Throughout each student’s high school career, they will work closely with their Advisor, their teachers, their School Counselor, and the Personalization Coordinator, to develop a learner profile that identifies strengths, skills, and interests, as well as documents their learning in different area of proficiency. This information will be used to develop goals and make decisions about their learning and career path. Learn more about PLPs here, or click here to see a model PLP. 

Flexible Pathways

EFHS offers numerous flexible options. You can learn more about Cold Hollow Career Center on their webpage. You can learn more about Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO), like internships, work based learning, community based learning, and independent projects on our Personalization page. There, you can also learn more about a fully flexible high school pathway, Flexible Pathways Academy, that allows students to mix up their own high school experience entirely customized to them. You can learn more about online learning, Dual Enrollment, & Early College by visiting the School Counseling page


One system that supports the process of personalization at EFHS is Advisory/AT, a 42 minute block everyday that allows students to connect with their Advisor, their teachers, and other school personnel to make progress on their goals. You can learn more about the details of the Advisory/AT structure here