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Student Behavior

The EFHS Student Management System


The EFHS student behavior system is founded in the understanding that all behavior is a choice. Students make better choices in regard to their behavior when:

  1. Classroom and school rules and expectations are clear and enforced with consistency.
  2. Students have strong positive relationships with adults in the school.
  3. Students have a choice and voice in their own education.


How does our school meet these needs?


At EFHS, all teachers are expected to develop classroom rules and expectations with their students. The agreed upon expectations become a contract that everyone in the class is responsible for upholding.


At EFHS, students have many opportunities to form positive relationships with adults. Our teachers emphasize the importance of relationships in the classroom, and our AT system ensures that each student has an advisor looking after their social and academic wellbeing.


At EFHS teachers work hard to incorporate student choice and voice into their daily lessons. Our AT system affords students the flexibility to make choices around their own academic support and success.


What happens when a student makes a poor choice?

Please see the Behavior Rubric to the right.


Who should I contact if I have a question regarding student discipline?


Assistant Principal Heather Hawkins is the primary contact for student discipline issues. Ms. Hawkins can be reached by email at [email protected], or by simply calling the high school main office.