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Attention All Student Athletes: The New Academic Eligibility Procedure For Athletics Will Begin With Winter Sports. Please Read The Procedure Below. 

Enosburg Falls High School

Athletic Eligibility


To be eligible to participate in any school sponsored extracurricular activity students must meet the following 3 expectations:

  1. Meet the expectation of attendance - no more than 5 unexcused absences, per class, per athletic season.  
  2. Meet the expectation of behavior - no more than 4 planning room referrals, per athletic season.  
  3. Consistently demonstrate proficiency according to citizenship and self-direction standards below.


Students will have the Athletic Director and individual teachers approve eligibility at the beginning of each season.  At the midway point of the season, student athletes must again have the AD and all teachers approve their eligibility.  Students must submit their eligibility to the Athletic Director or administrator by the due date assigned by the Athletic Director.  


To be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics, a student must be a full-time EFHS student carrying 6 or more courses, or with a current Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) that identifies school approved activities in lieu of traditional courses. Students must also be consistently meeting a Developing level of proficiency in three indicators under Citizenship and Self Direction in all courses or activities as outlined below. A student's eligibility will be determined by the Athletic Director 5 days prior to the start of each athletic season, and at the mid-point of the season.  Both points can make you eligible or ineligible. It is the student’s responsibility to bring the Eligibility Request Form to each teacher, or advisor, to have his or her Citizenship and Self-Direction skills rated in that course or activity. It is also the responsibility of the student to submit the completed eligibility form to the Athletic Director on the assigned due date. Students will be held from participation, practice, games, or otherwise, in direct proportion to the number of days late the Eligibility Request Form was submitted to the Athletic Director (i.e. a form submitted 5 days late means the student sits out of games and practice for 5 days).


Beginning in 2018 Fall sports eligibility will be determined at the end of the previous school year. 


Exception:  Fall athletes who don't meet the above criteria must create and implement approved summer goals for improvement prior to the season to meet the above criteria in order to play.


Sports Eligibility Request Form

Students must have this form completed at the beginning and mid-point of each sports season to maintain athletic eligibility.  They must earn 80 percent of all possible checks below for eligibility.  Students have two weeks (10 school days) to make corrections if they are made ineligible. Students may practice with the team during this time, and will be re-evaluated by teachers at the end of the two weeks. If at that time the student is not eligible he or she will not be able to participate in any team activities.


Student Name:_______________________________________

Teacher:________________    Course:_____________________


  • I can be respectful with my words and my actions toward most community members. I can keep track of and respect my own belongings. I can treat the property of others in a responsible way.
  • I usually arrive to class on time and come prepared with the tools I need.


  • I can complete assignments on time. I can use my class and work time effectively to make progress on assignments or tasks.
  • I can recognize when I don't understand and I can ask for help when needed.
  • When I am absent, I can find out what I missed and make it up.

Evidence if box is unchecked:

A minimum of 80 percent required


Student signature:____________________________________ Date: ______________



Notice from Athletic Director Chris Brigham:

The fall sports season is just around the corner and we will be doing a sign-up and information night on Monday August 13th starting at 6:00. Any students who will be participating in Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country or Golf should attend this meeting to meet the coaches, get pre-season practice schedules, game schedules, and to get answers to issues pertaining to transportation, practices, policies relating to absenteeisms, and any other relevant issues. We will have instructions for online registrations which can be found on EFHS Website under Students/Athletics.


All students participating in EFHS Athletics must have proof of a sports physical within 2 years. All participants must also have health insurance coverage. These two items have to be met before students will be allowed to practice or play. If you have any questions regarding the content of this meeting please call Chris Brigham at 933 7777 x134 and leave a message.


Online Registration Instructions for Enosburg Falls Middle High School Athletics


Step 1: Visit https://formreleaf.com/organizations/enosburg-falls-middle-high-school

Click “Sign Up” in the bottom left-hand corner

Create an account (Same account can be used to register multiple student athletes under the same guardian)


Step 2: Login to FormReleaf with the account you just created


Step 3: Under “Programs” at the bottom of the page, click on the “2017-2018 Athletics” link


Select the appropriate sport

Complete all of the required fields (* indicates that the field is required)

When all required fields are complete, click “Submit” in the lower right-hand corner

When you have successfully completed the online registration process, you will receive a confirmation email

Please call FormReleaf tech support if you need any assistance @ 1-(844)-367-6735


** Please submit a hard copy of your student athlete’s most recent physical form to EFMHS Athletic director Chris Brigham.


For the Most Current Updates: Follow Enosburg Athletics on Facebook