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Registration User Guide


Online Registration Instructions for Enosburg Falls Middle High School Athletics


Step 1: Visit

(If you already have an account with FormReleaf please start on step 4)


Step 2: Click “Sign Up” in the bottom left-hand corner 


Step 3: Create an account (Same account can be used to register multiple student athletes under the same guardian)


Step 4: Login to FormReleaf with the account you just created


Step 5: Under “Programs” at the bottom of the page, click on the “2017-2018 Athletics” link


Step 6: Select the appropriate sport


Step 7: Complete all of the required fields  (* indicates that the field is required)


Step 8: Click “Submit” in the lower right-hand corner


When you have successfully completed the online registration process, you will receive a confirmation email


*Please call FormReleaf tech support if you need any assistance @ 1-(844)-367-6735*