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EFHS Alumni Scholarship Fund

 2019 EFHS Scholarship Fund Award

Congratulations to the EFHS Alumni scholarship recipients for the Class of 2020. Lydia Bowen, (parent Kristina Demar Bowen, Class of ’95, grandparents Deborah and Allen Demar, Class of ’70) and Megan Gervais, (parents Clement and Colleen Gervais, Class of ’92).




 EFHS Alumni Scholarship Request Letter

The Enosburg Falls High School Alumni Association has initiated a new EFHS Alumni Scholarship for students who will be attending a 2 – 4 year college or technical school.  It will be an annual scholarship for eligible graduating seniors who are among the first in their family to graduate from college or who have financial need and might otherwise be unable to continue education after high school. Priority will be given to a son or daughter of an EFHS alumni member.

To accomplish this we have established a committee of alumni members who have

committed to work on this important project with the goal to raise the funds to offer a scholarship(s) of $1500 - $2500 starting at graduation June 2015.

 Please consider a gift to the EFHS Alumni Scholarship Fund during your charitable giving this year or during a class challenge!  The Class of 1964 recently gave $200 to the fund and urge other classes and individuals to help out. Fund raising activities will also be held to support the scholarship fund – like the annual golf tournament has over the years.  Other examples include, raffles and class challenges among those classes celebrating a reunion.

  A thank you letter will be provided to individuals for tax purposes.

                                                          Please Mail your Check to:

                                                        Alumni Scholarship Fund

                                                         P.O. Box 342

                                                        Enosburg Falls, VT 05450

Thank you very much!  

Scholarship Committee: 

Steve Hayes

Darlene Hill Worth

Sally Soule Bashaw

Bob Young