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Alumni » EFHS Alumni Scholarship Giving Clubs

EFHS Alumni Scholarship Giving Clubs

 The EFHS Scholarship Committee acknowledges and recognizes supporters with the following donor clubs. Each gift is deeply appreciated.
Armand Premo Club
up to $99
Mr. Premo was a long-time faculty member at EFHS and has been an honored guest at most of the annual Alumni Banquets.
Charles Boulais
Gary and Jean Clough
Michael Domina
Ron Ducolon
Gary and Karen Jacobs
Peter Perley
Class of '57
George R. Tyler Club
Mr. Tyler served as the High School Principal from 1941-1957, the longest tenure in that position in the history of the school.
Class of '64
Class of '69
Nancy Reighley
Darlene Hill Worth
Bob and Lauren Young
Class of '49 Club
The Class of 1949 restored the Alumni Association to an active organization to celebrate their 50th Graduation Anniversary in 1999. This action included the resumption of the Alumni Scholarships.
J. Steven Hayes
Mark Hayes