Dual Enrollment & Early College (Flexible Pathways)

 Dual Enrollment: all Vermont students have access to two free college courses beginning after their sophomore school year. EFHS has an average of 30% of students taking at least one college course before they graduate. College courses are offered at participating colleges, and over the summer at EFHS. EFHS has even had concurrent classes offered during the school day for credit. For more information visit www.vtdualenrollment.org 
Dual Enrollment Course Offerings from Participating Schools:
The process is simple but takes a bit of effort on the part of the student.
Step 1:
Research what college courses are offered at each of the participating colleges.  For Community College of Vermont's (CCV) course list click here https://andromeda.ccv.vsc.edu/Learn/Grid/SiteList.cfm.  Most of our students take courses at local CCV but students can take courses at any of the participating colleges aforementioned at the above state dual enrollment website.  It is up to the student to find which class may be the best fit.  School counselors are happy to help.
Step 2:
Apply for a voucher through the state by visiting www.vtdualenrollment.org and fill out the appropriate information.  You will need the course number for this step so be sure to know which course you are taking
Step 3:
Fill out the below form for applying to take Dual Enrollment for Enosburg Falls High School.
Step 4:
Include your plan to take a Dual Enrollment course in your personalized learning plan through your PLP, share that with your advisor.
Step 5:
Once your receive a confirmation email from the state about your voucher being approved (I will approve them only after I received a signed copy of our application indicating that you have included this plan in your PLP), follow the directions for that particular college for enrollment.  You may need to contact a particular employee, take the Accuplacer, apply to that college as a high school student.
Please leave yourself plenty of time to do the research and register, if classes start in January, start the process in November or December!
Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC):  This is an online learning opportunity for students who may be interested in courses not offered here at EFHS, who may be interested in learning in an online format, or who may not be able to fit certain classes into their schedules. For more information visit www.vtvlc.org.
Cold Hollow Career Center (CHCC): our technical center offers Automotive, Construction, Design and Visual Programs, Medical Careers, and Forestry to 11th and 12th graders as well as a Career Exploration class and Agricultural Science
Advanced Placement (AP): Advanced Placement Courses in  AP Calculus AB, AP United States Government, AP English Literature & Composition, AP Chemistry, AP Art History, AP Statistics, AP 2-D Studio Art and AP Physics B are open to students grades 10-12
Flexible Pathways Academy: FPA is a graduation option that allows learners to work at their own pace to attain proficiency-based graduation requirements using evidence of learning rather than credits and grades. Students who choose this path to graduation also have a course block in their schedule called Flexible Pathways Academy where they collect evidence, work with an advisor, and reflect on their work in order to demonstrate proficiency. If you are interested in Flexible Pathways Academy as a graduation option, visit the website and see a guidance counselor for more information.