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Groups, Clubs, and Programming Offered by the School Counseling Department 

*Please contact the advisor listed with questions about individual clubs!*
Prevention and Leadership Groups:
-B.I.O.N.I.C. (Kindness Group)
Every other Thursday during AT
BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) is a group of students who team up spread kindness and show others that we care.  We do this through completing kindness projects, community service projects, and being student ambassadors.
Advisors: Brenna Sturtevant and Teegan Deuso

Our first level of supporting students where high school students can apply to become a mentor to a middle school student!
Advisors: Carly Wilks and Justin Pinard (EFMS School Counselor)
-Our Voices Exposed (OVX)
*Every other Tuesday during AT
OVX is a student-lead tobacco prevention group.  Student learn leadership and activism skills to fight big tobacco companies against advertising that is targeted at youth and getting them to use tobacco products. 
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
-Peer Support/Franklin County Teen Institute
*Wednesdays during AT
Peer supporters are students who can provide support to other students at EFHS.  Peer supporters should be good listeners, empathetic, accepting of differences, and trustworthy.  To become a Peer Supporter, you must apply in the spring and attend Franklin County Teen Institute where groups of students from EFHS and other surrounding high schools come together for a week of intensive, purposeful, and collaborative training in areas of prevention.
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
This is an LGBTQ+ community support group.  The high school group meets every-other Monday during AT.  
High school advisors: Racheal Sherman and Brenna Sturtevant
- Educational Support Groups
Support groups for children who are effected by someone who uses tobacco, alcohol, and/or other drugs.
Facilitator: Teegan Deuso
-Not On Tobacco
Tobacco cessation groups for students who are trying to quit (or reduce) smoking cigarettes. 
 Facilitator: Teegan Deuso