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Groups, Clubs, and Programming Offered by the School Counseling Department 

*Please contact the advisor listed with questions about individual clubs!*
Prevention and Leadership Groups:
-PEP/Franklin County Teen Institute
PEP (Prevent. Empower. Protect) is a group of students dedicated to improving the high school atmosphere and experience through the power of prevention. PEP works on projects, campaigns, and public and school policies in the school community and beyond to bring awareness to issues such as mental health, substance use, school relationships, and more.   
Franklin County Teen Institute is a summer program where groups of students from EFHS and other surrounding high schools come together for a week of intensive, purposeful, and collaborative training in areas of prevention. Students then bring this empowered education to the school community and serve as leaders in PEP.
Advisors: Teegan Deuso and Michelle Weed
-Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)
This is an LGBTQ+ community support group.  The high school group meets during AT.  
High school advisors: Amie Koontz and Brenna Sturtevant
-Not On Tobacco
Tobacco cessation groups for students who are trying to quit (or reduce) smoking cigarettes. 
 Facilitator: Michelle Weed