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Junior Page

Junior year is an exciting time to start thinking about your next steps after high school and putting those steps into action!
College Bound Juniors:
-Explore and identify colleges through College Board or another preferred search website.
-In August, connect with your school counselor to make sure you're in the right high school classes to meet college admissions requirements and courses that are the best fit for your intended major. In February, you will meet with your school counselor again to plan your courses for senior year.
-PSAT in the fall, SAT in the spring
-Get involved in extracurricular activities and work on your community service hours. It's important to be involved but do not overwhelm yourself.
-Maintain or strengthen your GPA. Colleges will mostly likely view your GPA from your 9-11th grade years when you first apply!
Career Bound Juniors:
-There are many training and employment programs that will enhance your skills on the job. You can plan to build these programs into your senior year, and sometimes get academic credit for them! Meet with your school counselor to get connected to these programs, discuss job shadowing, resume building, and interview tips.
-If you are a CHCC and an EFHS student, you can work with your school counselor and Ms. Haddick at CHCC.
-Consider an ELO course to take a "deeper dive" into your career interests, or build in academic credit for your current job outside of school.
-Get involved with extracurricular activities, leadership groups, and work on your community service. These are all job skills that are highly attractive to employers.
Not sure yet (and that's okay!) Juniors:
-Meet with your school counselor! We can help you explore your passions and find a good path for you to get to where you decide to go.