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French III


In French III, you will refine your knowledge of French language and cultures. We will focus on Francophone cultures outside of Europe, exploring the lives of French speakers in Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian and Pacific oceans and discussing the role of France as an influential colonizing power.

We will use a variety of learning materials drawn from books, movies, magazines, videos and online content.

We will use collaborative exercises to perfect our conversation skills and develop our vocabulary to include subjects outside of our specialized interests.

We will start to explore French literature, focusing on the writings of the 19th century. We will read a book as a class, an adapted version of Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, exploring the life of the author and the history of the 19th century.

In terms of grammar, our focus will be on strengthening our use of a wide variety of verbs in all tenses. We will learn the subjunctive and the passé simple. We will also spend time working with more complex constructions and longer sentences.

We will continue to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in French in order to begin our exploration of what it means to be proficient in a language. Classes will be held in French. 

Exercises will be adapted to fit students' interests and preferred learning styles! Come with your ideas of what you would like to learn in French!

What role do you think the French language has in the world? We will start to find out!

Transferable Skills Standards
CTPS 3.5 Apply knowledge
COM 4.3 Ask questions and provide feedback