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French II


In French II you will expand your knowledge of French language and cultures. We will learn about Francophone countries, regions and their histories, especially France, Belgium and Switzerland. We will strive to speak exclusively French in class.

We will use a variety of learning materials drawn from books, movies, magazines, videos and online content. We will use collaborative exercises to practice dialogue and discuss interesting and relevant subjects. We will grow our vocabulary in order to be able to discuss the things that interest us.

Our focus will be on becoming comfortable using a wide variety of verbs, both regular (-er, -ir, -re verbs) and irregular. We will learn how to talk about the past (with the passé composé and the imparfait) as well as wishes, desires and the future (the conditional and future tenses).

We will practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in French in order to establish a solid foundation for increased fluency in the language. Our classroom will be a communicative language learning environment, so we will seek as much as possible to stay in the target language through asking questions and using dialogue.

Exercises will be adapted to fit students' interests and preferred learning styles! Come with your ideas of what you would like to learn in French!

How does learning French expand your mind? Watch this video to find out!

Transferable Skills Standards
CTPS 3.4 Synthesize information from multiple sources to build knowledge.
COM 4.2 Listen to build understanding