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French I


In this course, you will begin to familiarize yourselves with French language and cultures. We will learn about Francophone speaking countries and regions, especially the one closest to us, Québec!

Using a variety of learning materials drawn from books, magazines, videos and online content, you will start to learn how to talk about yourselves, describe your surroundings and ask questions. Our classroom is a communicative language classroom, so we will learn in the target language as much as possible, using dialogue.

We will practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in French in order to establish a solid foundation for future proficiency in the language.

Our focus will be on becoming comfortable using the present tense and being able to recognize and use essential irregular verbs and regular -er verbs.

We will discover language to use when meeting and greeting people, ordering food, going to shops and traveling, in both formal and informal registers.

Exercises will be adapted to students' interest and preferred learning styles! Come with your ideas of what you would like to learn in French!

What motivates you to study the language?

Transferable Skills and Standards

HOL 1.2 Manage my responsibilities and learning.

CIT 2.3 Respect diversity and differing points of view.