VTC: Precalculus I

PRE-CALCULUS I  / VTC Dual enrollment: GRADE 11-12 (Mrs. Besso)


Prerequisite: This class is available to any student who has successfully completed Algebra II Accelerated with a 3.0 or better (3.25 or better is highly recommended), or Algebra II with a 3.5 or better (3.75 or better is highly recommended).

This course is the first in a two-semester sequence of technical mathematics that stresses the relation of mathematics to engineering applications and development of an appreciation of the importance of precision in mathematical thought. It covers the use of a graphing calculator; basic geometry; solution of linear and quadratic equations; operations with complex numbers; right triangle trigonometry; algebraic fractions; direct and inverse variation. Students may earn 3 credit hours of math credit (each semester) at Vermont Technical College, or may take the class for HS credit only.

The expectation is that students will sign up for, and complete both semesters.

Proficiencies addressed:

Who should take this course?

Many of Vermont Technical College's degree programs require calculus (and thus precalculus).

For example, VTC's renewable energy degree requires math and science. Many automotive tech

programs require advanced algebra, and/or trigonometry and/or precalculus and some physics. This

class will prepare you for all these topics, as well as earn you some transfer credits.


It is required for taking calculus.


Anyone interested in engineering of any kind, or medical school, should plan on taking this series, as well

as calculus, if possible.