College Prep Chemistry

College Prep CHEMISTRY: GRADES 10-12

Prerequisite: successful completion of or concurrent enrollment in CP Biology. Successful completion of or concurrent enrollment in Algebra I is recommended.


College Prep Chemistry is a year-long course intended for students who do not intend to take Chemistry at the college level. The course will cover the basic ideas of chemistry (including atomic theory and structure, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, solutions and concentrations, acids and bases, and gas laws). College Prep Chemistry will cover roughly the same topics as Advanced Chemistry, but with less mathematical rigor. Instead, College Prep Chemistry will spend more time doing labs and writing lab reports. While the class will not be math-free, the focus will be on conceptual understanding, rather than mathematical analysis.



Habits of Learning: Self Direction (1.2)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Identify Problems (3.1)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Generate Solutions (3.2)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Apply Knowledge (3.5)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Use Technology Capably (3.6)

Disciplinary Literacy: Writing (7.4)