Advanced Chemistry

Advanced CHEMISTRY: GRADES 10-12 (Erickson)


Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in CP Biology; completion of or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II

Advanced Chemistry is intended for students who will need to take an introductory Chemistry course in college.  The primary difference between Advanced Chemistry and CP Chemistry is the degree of mathematical rigor and analysis. Advanced Chemistry is heavily math-based and covers atomic theory/structure, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, moles and molar masses, solutions, acids and bases, and gas laws. The class will be taught using a flipped classroom model in which students watch lecture videos at home and do practice work in class.  There will be a heavy focus on data analysis, mathematical problem-solving, and laboratory investigation. This class will be difficult and challenging.


Habits of Learning: Self Direction (1.2)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Identify Problems (3.1)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Generate Solutions (3.2)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Apply Knowledge (3.5)

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Use Technology Capably (3.6)

Disciplinary Literacy: Writing (7.4)