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Teams in our program:


Marksmanship: Marksmanship is an extracurricular activity that is enjoyable and competitive. We practice firing air rifles and are judged in competitions among other JROTC marksmanship teams.


Raiders: Raiders is a group activity that involves physical activities such as push-ups and the two-mile run. We also compete against other JROTC teams from all over New England. This is an excellent way to have fun and stay in shape!


Drill Team /Color Guard:  

Drill and Color Guard teams practice precision military marching techniques and compete against other New England JROTC teams. The Color Guard also presents our National Colors before each home varsity basketball game. This activity allows us to show support for both our country and our school team.

JCLC: Provides cadets with an opportunity to practice leadership skills in a unfamiliar environment. It also allows cadets a chance to participate in citizenship exercises. Give cadets the opportunity to experience living and interacting with cadets from other JROTC programs in a military setting. Also helps to provide an opportunity to participate in adventure training not normally available to cadets.


JROTC prepares high school students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. It is a stimulus for promoting graduation from high school and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities that will benefit the student, community, and nation.

LET I -- The mission of Leadership Education and Training (LET) is to motivate first year JROTC cadets to be better citizens. To accomplish this purpose, the text discusses citizenship, leadership, and a number of other courses designed to help the cadets succeed in high school and after graduation. Cadets wear uniforms one time each week. Extracurricular activities include: Providing color guards, participating in community parades, drill and rifle teams.
LET II -- The second year of Leadership Education and Training provides more details about leadership situations. The program is split into units including: Techniques of Communication, Leadership, Cadet Challenge, Leadership Lab, First Aid, Map Reading, History, Your American Citizenship, Career Opportunities, and Role of the U.S. Army. The wearing of the uniform and extracurricular activities are the same as for LET I.
LET III -- The third year of Leadership Education and Training provides still more leadership situations. In this year students will not only be more involved as teacher and leaders within the cadet battalion, but they will also do more independent studies in the areas of communication, leader, first aid, history, map reading, career opportunities, and technology awareness. The wearing of the uniform and the extracurricular activities are the same as for LET I.
LET IV --Fourth-year cadets are responsible for the daily cadet administration and perform as commanders and staff officers. They act as assistant instructors in some subject areas for other JROTC classes. They continue to develop their leadership skills and plan special unit events such as the military ball or the annual awards banquet.