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Principal's Message


Dear EFHS Students, Parents, and Guardians:


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! All of us at Enosburg Falls High School look forward to seeing our students on Wednesday, August 31st. The beginning of each school year is a time filled with great anticipation of what is to come. Over the last two years our school has successfully implemented new schedule structures, such as AT, intended to increase student opportunity, choice, and voice in our school. This year we are excited to build on those successes and take our next step towards delivering a more individualized learning experience through the continued development of personal learning plans (PLP’s) through teacher advisories.


As our school developed the AT support system, one of the critical features of the system is what has been called homebase. Homebase occurred the first student day of each week, and primarily focused on scheduling AT appointments for the rest of the week. This year we are changing the name and focus of homebase, calling it advisory. While scheduling for AT will continue to occur during this period, students and teacher-advisors will work more closely to help students develop personal and academic goals while building a supportive mentorship type student-adult relationship. Our hope is that our teacher advisors will become a primary support for your student and a resource for parents.


Please remember that student schedules for the upcoming year can be accessed online through PowerSchool. If you are unsure of your PowerSchool login or cannot access PowerSchool for any reason, please feel free to call or stop by during normal school hours and our staff will be happy to help. Our guidance offices are open for schedule support should there be any questions regarding your schedule. One note on our honors programming: this year honors courses will not show separately on student schedules. All students will have the opportunity to receive an honors designation on their transcripts in selected courses upon the successful completion of honors level course requirements.


As always, I am proud to serve as a member of this supportive and thriving school community, and look forward to working in collaboration with you all towards the growth of all EFHS students.





Erik Remmers