Our School

Our Mission

Ensure each learner is future-ready by providing empowering educational experiences


Our Vision

We aspire to be an equitable community of learners who encourage excellence & honor growth.


Dear students and families:


I have two main hopes for our young adults as we emerge from the pandemic and strive to re-establish a more balanced way for them to grow and mature:

  • Connection – May we rebuild our sense of face-to-face community, treat each other with civility and care, and have some good, clean fun together.
  • Purpose – May we each discover what makes us feel useful and sets us on a path to fulfillment.

We have laid out a foundation that allows each of us to feel supported and secure in our community. It’s up to all of us to build upon that foundation. What we create here with our heads, hands, and hearts is what will truly give us a shared sense of pride in Enosburg Falls High School.


I wish each of you a renewed sense of connection, purpose, and pride this year.


Matthew Webb, Principal

It is the mission of the Enosburg Falls School District to foster and promote a welcoming environment for all learners, staff, and members of the community.  In doing so, the district follows the “Vermont Agency of Education Continuing Best Practices Regarding Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students,” which are not dependent upon actions at the Federal level. Among these practices, bathroom choice throughout the district is determined by a student’s self-designated gender identity. The district has also established gender neutral bathroom spaces throughout our schools. In doing so the district ensures all learners feel safe and welcome in school environments that foster equity, diversity, and inclusion as core values.
Enosburg Falls High School belongs to the Enosburgh Town School District and the Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union in Franklin County, Vermont.  
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