AP Courses » AP Computer Science Principles: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

AP Computer Science Principles: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

AP Computer Science Principles: The Beauty and Joy of Computing GRADES 10-12 (Besso)


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra 1

In this course, students will create apps and other programs using the Snap! visual programming language, learn some of the most powerful ideas of computer science, and be creative. Students will discuss the social implications of computing, thinking deeply about how they can be personally active in promoting the benefits and reducing the possible harms. The course will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts. This course prepares you to take the AP Computer Science Principles Exam. You may earn up 3 college credits. Check out the CollegeBoard AP Computer Science Principles website for more information.

Please note: While this is an Advanced Placement class, it is accessible to just about *everyone*!! It is a course that is designed to be accessible for most students. You do not have to be a "high achiever" to succeed in this class! You just need to be willing to do the work, persevere, puzzle things out, and have a good attitude. YOU CAN DO IT! And, it is hard, but in a fun kind of way.

Please watch the video below about why *everyone* should take some coding classes!

Transferable Skills addressed:

Habits of Learning: Self-direction

Citizenship: Practice responsible digital citizenship


Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of US schools.
Why take AP Computer Science Principles?

---- it is a (relatively) easy way to impress colleges with an Advanced Placement course - this course is designed for ALL to take, not just “high achieving” students -- *YOU* can do it!!

-- you can get college credit if you do well

You should take it if

--you are curious

--you want to be CREATIVE in solving problems that matter to YOU


-- you want to improve your problem-solving skills

-- you ever worry about your privacy


--you want to better understand how the computer, networks, internet, cybersecurity, and encryption works

-- you want to be able to count in binary and hexadecimal (ie be a true nerd)

-- you are a female or minority -- the computer science field desperately needs more diverse voices -- women earn 57% of all bachelor’s degrees, but only 18% of CS degrees -- imagine the apps that might be made by and for women if women get more involved

-- you are a person in the twenty-first century

This course is NOT:

--- NOT a  high-intensity coding course. We use Snap! a visual language. *Anyone*  can learn it!

--- NOT a course only for people interested in HIGH TECH - it is designed for ALL majors and interests -- but you will learn all the basic coding structures used in all programming languages -- so it's great for students who DO want to code for a living.