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Amie Koontz » Health and Wellness classes

Health and Wellness classes

Welcome to the Health and Wellness page!
This is my 2nd year teaching Health at Enosburg High School. The courses I will be teaching this year include Health, Human Development and Relationships, Get Fit and Risk and Resilience (aka. Get Happy).
Classes offered:
  • Health is a requirement for graduation and is a one semester course that covers a bit of brain science, intro to mindfulness and self regulation, sexuality and sexual health, mental health, and substance use and addictions. The goal of this class is to give students the tools they need to become happy, healthy humans.
  • Human Development and Relationships is a semester long elective geared towards juniors and seniors that covers human development from gestation to birth and from birth throughout the lifespan. The second half of this semester long course explores who we are and how we relate to others, with a goal of developing the skills required to have healthy happy relationships. 
  • Get Fit is a new course this year that can count as an elective or 1/2 a PE credit. In this course we will become familiar with wholistic nutrition, meditation and yoga. We will set personal nutrition goals and practice yoga and meditation every class period.
  • Risk and Resilience (Get Happy) is a new semester long elective course in which we will participate in practices from all over the world that have been shown to increase overall human happiness and personal life satisfaction!
I live in Montgomery with my two younger kids and (sometimes) with my two college age kids. My background is in counseling and education and I have years of experience in both fields. My BA is in psychology and counseling with a minor + in natural science. I am thrilled to have received my BA from Goshen College, a liberal arts college, where my education was enriched by multicultural studies and the arts. I am finishing up my Master's of Science in Clinical Mental Health and Addictions Counseling with a joint diploma from Southern New Hampshire University and Northern Vermont University. I have a license in Clinical Massage specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release and run workshops and trainings for educators and employers on how to incorporate mindfulness and self regulation supportive practices into the classroom and workplace.