Enosburg Falls High School

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EFHS Sophomores work with the Select Board

The Enosburg Falls Select Board has asked EFHS sophomores to help come up with a solution to the problem of low Town Meeting Day turnout. As part of their social studies class, the students talked to local community members before presenting their findings to the select board.
As well as studying the history of Town Meeting Day in Vermont and the reasons it has endured long after other states have abandoned the practice, the students considered the unique history of Enosburg and the perspectives of its residents. They conducted field interviews with townspeople, finding out what people do for work and how that may link to whether or not they attend Town Meeting.  They also asked people if they feel the decisions made at Town Meeting impact them.
The students compiled their work into twenty presentations and then collaborated with each other to combine them into six. The Select Board came to the school to hear what the students had to say.