Enosburg Falls High School

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Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all who are currently serving and who have served. Coming soon is a special project from the National Honor Society, that will recognize the service of former EFHS students.

3D Vermont Team shows off the Opera House

After hours of after school research and meticulous design, a team of students represented EFHS the 3D Vermont competition recently held at Vermont Tech. Six students, some of whom also participated last year, worked independently to produce the 3D model of the Enosburg Opera House and to research its history. The team was made up of Evan Doe, Sawyer Westcom, Noah Carpenter, Anastasia Neuberger and Kendal Nichols.  The advisor was Marianne Hunkin. 
Taking on the challenge of producing a 3D print-out of a local building as well as producing well researched details on the history of that building was time consuming and frustrating at times, but the team persevered and were congratulated on their work by the team of judges.  Students used CAD software Sketch-Up to draft and print their model.  
"I've experienced every problem you did and spent hours trying to figure things out, so I know what you went through," said judge and competition founder Mike Hathorn.  "I'm really glad you documented it."  He added. 
Last years team researched the Spavin Cure Building and they took second place. The team was commended for their research, knowledge and ability to engage the judges.  Unfortunately, the model of the Opera House did not print correctly and because it takes about 15 hours to print there was no time to re-do the model in time for the competition. 
After hearing some problem shooting tips from Hathorn, the team members agreed however that they would re-print their model and agreed that next time they will give themselves more time to fix unnanticipated glitches.  Although they did not place this year, the team has every intention of coming back in 2018. 
The models from each school are collected every year and placed on a map of Vermont.  The map and models are used by the 3D Vermont to draw attention to conservaton issues and Vermont town histories.  The Agency of Education is a sponsor of this event, along with The Presevation Trust of Vermont, Historic New England.