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GLOW Awareness Week Approaching

-- by Sam Susco 4/3/17

GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever) will be putting together a week of awareness from April 17th through April 21st. The Friday before, the 14th, there will be a GLOW dance, with a DJ, a bake sale, and a glow stick included in the five dollar admission fee. The dance will be from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm for middle schoolers and from 8 pm to 11 pm for high schoolers. The week of awareness will include an announcement on each of the day's announcements informing the students of the focus of the day and what it has to do with the LGBTQ community. And at the end of the week on Friday, will be the day of silence. The days are as follows:

4-17 Monday: Sexuality day

4-18 Tuesday: Gender day

4-19 Wednesday: Rainbow/Pride day

4-20 Thursday: Ally day

4-21 Friday: Day of silence

Be sure to wear rainbows on Wednesday to show your pride. We hope you join us at the dance and participate in the day of silence which is a day to raise awareness for the increased suicide rates in the LGBTQ community.  For students interested in joining GLOW, the group meets every other Monday during AT.  See Ms. Sherman for more information.

The Maple Festival Is Here!

--By Kayla Mertn 4/19/17

         The 51st annual Vermont Maple Festival is being held in St. Albans, Vermont on April 28-30. They have a variety of things to do, including but not limited to, a craft fair at BFA, live music on the main stage in front of Taylor Park, and carnival rides in Taylor Park.  The 8.5 mile Sap Run and the parade round out the festival on Sunday.

           This year’s Maple Festival has over 50 sponsors but the main sponsors are Mylan, Price Chopper and TD Bank. The Enosburg High School has been involved with the maple baking contest at the Maple Festival for 20 years according to the Foods teacher Kaye Mahaffey, who said, “The one thing you should not miss is the baking contest.”

            When asked what her favorite thing about the maple festival was Mahaffey said, “everything.” So now that you're all done your sugaring season go and try a maple creemee at the Vermont Maple Festival!

Upcoming Prom!!

By Kayla Mertn 4/13/17

    The prom of 2017 will be held on May 13th, and the theme will be Hollywood. This will be held at the Opera House in Enosburg. Students will be getting together at the park at 5 to take pictures. Then they will go out to dinner. After they treat themselves to delicious meals, they will go to the prom.  There will be lots of fun things to do at prom; there will be food, music, dancing and a photo booth to have fun with friends.

    Chad Paquette, a history teacher at Enosburg, helps the prom committee put the prom together. Paquette has been doing this for three years. He said, “It’s a lot of work , but I like doing it.” This prom is put on for the seniors for them to celebrate their last year of high school. This does not mean that all seniors have to go, but all seniors can go for free. Anyone that is not a senior will have to pay to go. Tickets are $20 for a single person and $30 for a couple.

Girls Golf Team Preview

--By Logan Nichols 4/17/17

This year has been hard for the golf teams.  With all the weather changes the golf team has had no time to practice on a real golf course. But even with these problems, the EFHS girls golf team started their first practice last week.  The coach is Mr. Lamantia.  The team consists of Allison Parent, Ezperanza Orduno, Jessie Paron, and Lindsay Westcom.

Due to all the weather anomalies the girls team has had to practice inside, but Chris Brigham has gotten the girls time at the Dairy Center to use the virtual golf simulator once a week. The first golf meet is on May 1 at St. Johnsbury Country Club. Coach Lamantia looks forward to the future.  He's confident with the players he has and thinks the team will do really well this season.

Characters Wanted

--by Makayla Howard 4/5/17        

     The Enosburg Falls summer drama camp, run by Em Frapper, is a fun-filled theatre camp in which students have just five short days to cover all aspects of theatrical production, which includes learning to block, improv, character development, set building, costumes, makeup, and more.

        On day one of the camp, the students will go through an audition process, which includes theatre games, reading from script, and discussing things like basic stage movement and building characters once the students are assigned roles. Then the students make costumes, props, and they help advertise the performance. Each student is guaranteed to have a few lines in the final performance.

         There are two theatre camps. Camp #1, for ages 10-15, runs from June 19-23 and camp #2, for ages 6-10, runs July 10-14. The camp is at the Enosburg Falls Opera House along with many other events. The price for the camp is $100 for the week and an additional $75 for other children in the same family.

          The Enosburg Falls theatre camp has been around for five years and Frappier has been the director for the last three. For the last two summers there have been over 40 students who have joined the camp.