Enosburg Falls High School

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Picture retake day is Thursday morning 10/26/17.

Quarter 3 - Thinking & Communication


Thinking & Communication

Quarter 3- 1/29/18-4/6/18- 8 meetings

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The Advisory Committee met on…… we discussed…It was agreed that…We need your feedback on….

Helpful Info- Please ensure that your Advisories are aware of the following:


  • How exams will work this year
  • What verification looks like

Interaction Ideas- Things to discuss with your students and videos with potential.


What does it mean to Collaborate? How do you communicate best? Does how you communicate change based on who you’re speaking to?

Verification- To Do List

  • Create Quarter 3 LiFT Goal for your Advisory- Done at Inservice
  • Every updates PLP progress
  • Participate in Quarter 3 contest
  • Meet with each student one on one
  • 9-11 register for classes


E- Engagement