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Picture retake day is Thursday morning 10/26/17.
Advisory » Quarter 1 - Citizenship & Self-Direction

Quarter 1 - Citizenship & Self-Direction


Citizenship &


Quarter 1


9 meetings

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The Advisory Committee met on…… we discussed…It was agreed that…We need your feedback on….Every day students must feel seen, truly noticed by another individual. Every day students must be updated on resources and information relevant to their lives.  Every day students need to be guided towards their goals and aspirations. Every day students need to feel that they have an advocate in you.  

Helpful Info

Please ensure that your Advisories are aware of the following:


  • School clubs, activities and organizations
  • LiFT
  • Powerschool
  • Enriching Students
  • Strategies for goal-setting, planning and remembering tasks
  • Informational resources- library, teacher specialties, school website
  • Informational resources for future planning (Guidance, Collegeboard, VSAC)


Interaction Ideas

Things to discuss with your students and videos with potential.


What makes a good citizen of our Advisory? What community service might we want to participate in as an Advisory?


What Does it Mean to Be a Citizen of the World

How I Learned to Read and Trade Stocks in Prison

How To Gain Control of Your Free Time

What reality Are You Creating for Yourself

Inside the Mind of  Master Procrastinator

Verification- To Do List

  • Create Quarter 1 LiFT Goal for your Advisory- Done at Inservice
  • Students create  2 yearlong goals in Transferrable Skills and College and Career Readiness in LiFT with Quarterly benchmarks
  • Participate in Quarter 1 contest- Community Service
  • Meet twice with each student one on one

E- Engagement

The Quarter 1 Engagement Contest is a LiFTStreak Competition. Every member of every Advisory should try to rate their classes and other activities every day. Each week everyone’s streaks are added together. If everyone in a 10 person Advisory updated their likes every day for a week, each person would have a 7 day streak, which collectively equals a 70 day streak. If one person didn’t keep their streak alive, you’re down to a 63 day streak. At the end of Quarter 1, the Advisory with the longest streak wins a pizza party.