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Notice from Athletic Director Chris Brigham:
We are proud to announce that Calvin Carter has been named VT. Gatorade Player of the Year in Boys Basketball.  What a proud moment for our school.  Calvin will receive a trophy for himself and one for his school and the school will be awarded a banner in his honor which will be hung in our gymnasium.  Also as part of the award Calvin will be choosing a charity of his choice to award $1000 in his name.  Congratulations Cal, it is well deserved.
Nick Blaney and Dylan Leavitt have been chosen to participate in the 2017 USASA Snowboard Competitions in Colorado.  They will be leaving on March 27th for the competitions.  Well done boys and good luck in the NAtionals.
It's old news but still worth noting, The Enosburg Falls High School Boy's Basketball Team are Division II State Champions.  It is the first boy's championship in school history and they did so compiling a perfect 24-0 record!
Also the Enosburg Falls Boy's Snowboard Team are the State Champions in Slopestyle, also the first in school history.  Lots of great things going on at our little school!
Baseball and softball tryouts begin on March 20th starting at 4:30 with varsity softball tryouts followed by varsity baseball tryouts at 6:30.  Track and field and golf start their seasons on March 20th as well.  Students who are participating in any spring events must fill out the registration form, the instructions are below.  Students must have had a sports physical within the last two years in order to participate.




Online Registration Instructions for Enosburg Falls Middle High School Athletics


Step 1: Visit https://formreleaf.com/organizations/enosburg-falls-middle-high-school

Click “Sign Up” in the bottom left-hand corner

Create an account (Same account can be used to register multiple student athletes under the same guardian)


Step 2: Login to FormReleaf with the account you just created


Step 3: Under “Programs” at the bottom of the page, click on the “2016 Fall Athletics” link


Select the appropriate sport

Complete all of the required fields (* indicates that the field is required)

When all required fields are complete, click “Submit” in the lower right-hand corner

When you have successfully completed the online registration process, you will receive a confirmation email

Please call FormReleaf tech support if you need any assistance @ 1-(844)-367-6735


** Please submit a hard copy of your student athlete’s most recent physical form to EFMHS Athletic director Chris Brigham.


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