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VSAC Scholarship Resources


Other Scholarship Sites/Resources
  •  Applications can be found by clicking on relevant links indicated and if available pdf's of scholarship applications will be listed in alphabetical order below.  (Hard copies are also available in the school counseling office).
  • Typical and local scholarships appear in order of deadline.  Please pay attention to these deadlines.
  • All applications are listed on the bulletin board in guidance with due dates. Paper applications are also available in guidance. 
  • The EFHS Scholarship page will be updated weekly on Fridays.
  • Multiple General Scholarships relevant to EFHS students from StudentScholarships.org
  • VSAC Scholarship Book---See below
October Deadlines:
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship:  October 20, 2016
Must hold a government office in high school
Online application ONLY: http://hearst.vpaonline.org/

Horatio Alger Scholarship: October 25, 2016
Based on financial need and must be pursuing a bachelor's degree
Online application ONLY: Currently this link is not working so you will
need to type the address in to your web browser--- http://www.scholars.horatioalger.org
November Deadlines:
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship:  November 30, 2016
Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.
Online application at:  http://www.elks.org/enf/scholars
EF Global Citizen Scholarship:  November 7, 2016
Apply at:  eftours.com/globalcitizen
December Deadlines:
January Deadlines:
JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship:  January 28, 2017
Applications should be submitted online and please be sure to read the instructions very carefully and they are pretty specific. Failure to comply with all instructions will be disqualified. The website is:
(Although online deadline says 1/20/2017 they have extended it to 1/28/2017
There are paper applications in guidance if you would like one to use as a guide)

February Deadlines:
Elks Foundation Legacy Awards: February 3, 2017
Must be a child or grandchild of an Elks member
Vermont NEA-Maida Townsend Scholarship : 02/16/2017
Must be a son/daughter of a VT NEA member
New England Federal Credit Union Scholarship: 02/29/2016 http://www.nefcu.com/about_nefcu/scholarships.html
March Deadlines:
Journalism Education Foundation Scholarship:  03/03/2217
Must be resident of New England
Major in journalism
GPA of 3.0 or above

Knights of Columbus Scholarship: 03/10/17
Must be a son or daughter of a Knight of Columbus in good standing
Alice Angney Scholarship: 03/17/2017
Must show an initiative in overcoming a specific challenge

April Deadlines:
Sons of the American Legion Dept:  04/01/17
Must be related to a Legion member
Northwest Medical Martin H Wenner Scholarship : First Deadline: 04/03/17
Must be pursuing a career in nursing or health professions
Application in guidance!
Dawson Perley Athletic Scholarship:  04/10/2017
Must be an athlete! See application in guidance
Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship: 4/03/2017
Based on financial need
Luc Gates Memorial Scholarship: 4/15/2017
Must have participated in athletics at EFHS
The American Legion Post #42:  4/27/2017
Anyone pursuing higher education may apply
Carlyle Lawson Memorial Scholarship:  04/01/2017
Must be son, daughter or grandchild of Legion member
Fletcher "Brush" Marsh Memorial Scholarship: 04/17/2017

Harold Howrigan Scholarship: 04/15/2017
Anyone may apply but preference will be given to students pursuing
degrees in agriculture, forestry related fields.
Class of 1991 Memorial Scholarship:   04/15/2017
Gwen Gallup Scholarship:  04/15/2017
Must pursue a major in the visual arts.
Vermont Federal Credit Union STEM Scholarship:  04/30/2017
Applicant must be in good standing with the credit union and pursuing a specific major (see app in guidance)
Franklin County Business and Professional Women’s 2015 Scholarship:  04/22/16
*NEW* for 15/16--2 scholarships will be given out this year, one will be the relative of an active member of the FCBPW. This year we are offering a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior from each of the high schools in Franklin County.  The scholarship is based on BPW’s mission to empower women to achieve their full potential through education, research, knowledge, and policy.  The scholarship may be used for any further education for example: traditional college classes, a certificate program, or technical school.
Margaret J Cutting Scholarship: 04/30/16
Must be a resident of Bakersfield or Franklin County
Paper: In guidance
Brigham Academy Alumni Scholarship: 04/30/2017
Must be a descendent of any Brigham Academy Alumni, Bakersfield VT
May Deadlines:
Chauncey B. Warner Memorial Scholarship: 05/01/2017
Based on Financial Need and Initiative
Be sure to turn in completed applications to Mrs. Bashaw
American Legion Past President's Nursing Scholarship:  05/06/2017
Must be enrolled in a 2nd year or advance nursing program


Lincoln Masonic Lodge #78 Scholarship: 5/19/2017

Anyone may apply---son/daughter of member will be given priority. Hand completed application in to guidance.

Montgomery Historical Society Scholarship: Early May Deadline
Must be a Montgomery Resident and they will mail you the application

Town Fairfield Scholarship: 05/10/2017
Must be a resident of Fairfield
St. Andrews Society of Vermont Scholarship: 02/15/2017
Vermont seniors pursing a bachelor's degree
SWANA (Solid Waste Asso of N America) Scholarship: 05/01/2017
Degree program in solid waste management, env science/eng or
related field of study.
Vermont Golf Association Scholarship: 05/01/2017
Financial Need and a connection to the game of golf.
GPA of 80.00 Application online at:
Billy Howrigan Scholarship: 05/10/2017
Special consideration will be given to but no limited to Fairfield students
pursuing agriculture type field of study
EFHS General Scholarship: 05/19/2017
Any senior may apply
Lee Walker Memorial Scholarship: 05/13/2017
Any EFHS graduating senior may apply
American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship: 04/27/2017
Anyone may apply. Give to Ms Bashaw
Richford Knights of Columbus Scholarship: 05/15/2017
Must be a son/daughter/ or grandchild of member
June Deadlines:
Mark Choquette Agricultural Scholarship: 06/05/2017
Must be pursuing a degree in agriculture/agriculture sciences
Growing up with Asthma or Severe Allergies Scholarship: Late February deadline expected
Seniors with asthma or allergies can qualify to win this scholarship
of $500.

Golub Pricechopper Foundation Scholarships: Mid-March deadline expected
Click here for online applications (PDF flyer)

Vermont Grocer's Assoc Scholarship: Late April deadline expected
For application go to vtgrocers.org

Franklin County Regional Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: Mid-May deadline expected
Preference given to students who have interest in business
(PDF of application requirements)

UVM's Robert Noyce Scholarship Program for Science Teachers: Offered Annually
Applicant must currently be enrolled at UVM pursuing
a degree to teach science in grades 7-12.
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