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Groups and Programming Offered by the School Counseling Department 

Prevention and Leadership Groups:
BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) is a group of students who team up to support students and staff who are going through challenging times.  There are many different teams within BIONIC that operate in difference capacities.  Teams include:
-Students ambassadors who welcome new students to our school
-Students who support other students or staff who are ill, suffered an injury, tragedy, or the loss of a loved one
-Students interested in carrying out community service activities
-A team of students and staff who work on maintaining a positive climate at EFHS through various initiatives (such as bullying prevention, event planning, positive affirmations, etc.)
Advisors: Brenna Sturtevant and Teegan Deuso
-Our Voices Exposed (OVX)
OVX is a student-lead tobacco prevention group.  This group meets every-other Tuesday during AT.  
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
-Youth Risk Behavior Survey Leadership Team
This student-led team of 6 is a part of a large supervisory-union wide team that analyzes strengths and concerns in our community using the data from the YRBS survey.  Students host a Community Evening (Dialogue Night) where these strengths and concerns are shared with all community members and an action plan is made to address these concerns.  Students then initiate the action plan in their home town. 
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
-Franklin Grand Isle Teen Institute
Groups of students from EFHS and other surrounding high schools come together for a week of intensive, purposeful, and collaborative training in areas of prevention and then use what they have learned to improve the lives students at school.
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
Support groups:
This is an LGBTQ+ community support group.  There is a middle school group that meets every Monday during Silent Reading.  The high school group meets every-other Monday during AT.  
Middle school advisor: Teegan Deuso
High school advisors: Racheal Sherman and Brenna Sturtevant
-"Friends" Groups
Support groups for children who are effected by someone who uses tobacco, alcohol, and/or other drugs.
Facilitator: Teegan Deuso
-Mindful Mondays
A group that engages in a variety of mindful activities on Monday mornings during AT. 
Facilitator: Kate Clark 
-Not On Tobacco
Tobacco cessation groups for students who are trying to quit (or reduce) smoking cigarettes. 
 Facilitator: Teegan Deuso
-Healthy Living Groups
-Quarterly groups offered for students on an as-needed basis.  These groups include topics like anxiety management, grief/loss, nutrition/body image, healthy relationships, etc.
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
Mentoring groups:
High school students mentoring elementary students! 
Advisors: Kate Clark and Casey Provost
-M.H.P.: Middle & High School Partnership
Middle and high school students come together once every other week to learn leadership skills, resiliency, stress reduction, and self-esteem.  High school students serve as role-models to middle school students. 
Advisor: Teegan Deuso