Enosburg Falls High School

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Groups and Programming Offered by the School Counseling Department 

-Our Voices Exposed (OVX)
OVX is a student-lead tobacco prevention group.  This group meets every-other Tuesday during AT.  
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
-Youth Risk Behavior Survey Leadership Team
This student-lead team analyzes the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, identifies concerns, and creates/implements action plans to address these concerns.  For the 2016-2017 school year, two groups will be focusing on the following YRBS facts: 
-13% of students have had a sexual intercourse with 4 or more people
-6% of students did not use any form of contraception the last time they had a sexual intercourse.  
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
This is an LGBTQQ community support group.  There is a middle school group that meets every Monday during Silent Reading.  The high school group meets every-other Monday during AT.  
Middle school advisor: Teegan Deuso
High school advisors: Racheal Sherman and Brenna Sturtevant
-P.E.P. (now M&M)
High school students mentoring elementary students! 
Advisors: Kate Clark and Casey Provost
-Franklin Grand Isle Teen Institute
Groups of students from EFHS and other surrounding high schools come together for a week of intensive, purposeful, and collaborative training in areas of prevention and then use what they have learned to improve the lives of people in the community.
Advisor: Teegan Deuso
-"Friends" Groups
Support groups for children who are effected by someone who uses tobacco, alcohol, and/or other drugs.
Facilitator: Teegan Deuso
-Not On Tobacco
Tobacco cessation groups for students who are trying to quit (or reduce) smoking cigarettes. 
 Facilitator: Teegan Deuso
-Stress Reduction, Healthy Relationships, and Coping Skill Groups
These support groups vary in topics and are offered throughout the year as needed.  
Facilitators: The School Counselors or SAP Counselor 
-Mindful Mondays
A group that engages in a variety of mindful activities on Monday mornings during AT. 
Facilitator: Kate Clark