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Welcome to EFHS School Counseling Page

All Enosburg Falls High School students can benefit from the guidance program and services.  Our responsibilities include consulting with parents, administrators, faculty, and community members. During students' four years at EFHS we will have many opportunities to work with and get to know each student on an individual basis. We will help you develop your own personal learning plan so when you graduate you will have the skills necessary for a happy and productive life.

  • Brenna Sturtevant: Caseload - 10th: A-K, 11th: A-L, 12th: A-K, Snyder-Woods
    • bsturtevant@enosburgk12.net x 108
  • Kate Gallagher Clark: Caseload - 10th:L-P, 11th: L-P, 12th: L-Snow
    • kclark@ enosburgk12.net x 111
  • Simrat Peltier: 9th: Caseload - All Students, 10th: Q-Z, 11th:Q-Z
    • speltier@ enosburgk12.net x 110
  • Teegan Deuso: Student Assistance Program Counselor
  • Sally Bashaw:  Administrative Assistant/Registrar Ext 115  sbashaw@enosburgk12.net



  • Academic Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal/Social Development
We will meet with you to advise, assess, and suggest placements in your educational program.

We offer individual and group counseling for those students who desire this service.  Your parents or teachers may refer you for counseling or you may, as most students do, refer yourself.  Additionally, we have several programs for EFHS families: open house, paying for college night, financial aid night, SAT sign-up workshops and much more.

All counselors subscribe to the American School Counselors’ Association Code of Ethics.  Students are guaranteed confidentiality when speaking with a counselor unless the counselor feels the student is a danger to self or others. Counselors are required under law to report any suspected abuse or neglect to the Department of Children and Family Services.  The School Counseling Department works as a team and, at times, consults with each other regarding students’ issues and services.  If you have an emergency problem you need help with, please go to the School Counseling Office.

It is our hope that your time at EFHS will be exciting and challenging.  As your counselors, we are looking forward to your four-year journey through high school.  For planning purposes, we have assigned all students to one of the counselors listed below. Caseloads are split alphabetically by last name.  We invite you all to be actively involved! 



The EFHS School Counseling Department also has the services of the:

  • Student Assistance Program Counselor, Teegan Deuso.  Mrs. Deuso identifies and assists students who are experiencing personal stressors that might impede their school performance and negatively impact their social and emotional well-being.  She runs multiple student educational support groups and focuses on substance abuse prevention/intervention. 
  • The Vermont Student Assistance Counselor (VSAC), Michelle LeGault, legault @ vsac.org who works with first generation college students preparing them for post-high school education.
  • And we couldn’t do it without our knowledgeable registrar, Sally Bashaw sbashaw @ enosburgk12.net !