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Welcome to the best part of the school!
(In our opinion that is)

Concert Dates:

Halloween Concert: Friday, October 23rd 7:00pm

HS Winter Concert: Thursday, December 10th 7:00pm

Spring Band Concert:

Spring Chorus Concert: Wednesday, April 13th 7:00pm

Discover Jazz Concert:

Graduation: Saturday, June 11th at 10:00am (date may change)


Other High School Commitment Dates:

District Auditions at BFA St. Albans: Wednesday, December 2nd (Evening)

New England Auditions in Hartford: Saturday, December 5th (All Day)

All State Auditions in Champlain Valley: Saturday, January 16th (All Day)

District Music Festival: Thursday & Friday, January 28th-29th (All Day)

NEMF Festival in Gilford NH: Thursday-Saturday, March 17th-19th

All State Festival at MVU: Thursday-Saturday, May 5th-7th

 New York Trip!!! 

April 17th-19th

It's that time again our semi-annual New York Trip! This year our plans as always are fantastic. There will be fundraising opportunities that can help offset the cost of the trip. The big change this year is that we are increasing the amount needed to $550 due to the increased cost of everything and still wanting to bring you the best we can get from NYC on a nice price.
Stay tuned for more information on meetings and fundraising throughout the year!

New York Trip! Stay Tuned!